Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The RRAI (mixed traders) are calling on Minister Shatter to enact the Miscellaneous Provisions Bill (Codes of Practice in regard to the sale of alcohol) in order to ensure that mixed traders comply with the RRAI voluntary Code, because if they do not they are afraid that, the Minister for Justice will sign in Section 9. This means that mixed traders would have to structurally separate their off licences from their grocery etc.

However the RRAI are now seeking to use the acceptance of Codes of Practice as a means to draw specialist alcohol retailers into this , by advocating the removal of the display and merchandising of products in the windows of specialist shops, holding a licence to sell alcohol.
Do they not recognize that:
• Independent specialist outlets display alcohol because that is the only product.they sell.

Will we have to black out our windows? Will our customers be required to wear rain macs?!

A universal code will apply to pubs as well and I can`t see that being taken lightly by them either!

Noffla would ask its mixed trader members to consider the following points and to bring it to the attention to the RRAI management that:

• they got a serious get out of jail card when the minister did not sign in section 9
• it is their own voluntary Code that prohibits the display or merchandising of alcoholic products in their windows .
• if mixed traders are not happy with this part of their voluntary code then remove it.
• this was not imposed on them by the Independent specialist sector and they now seek to impose it on us?
•this is not a Independent specialist sector issue and that it is their own code that is flawed.
•Independent specialists were legislated for in 2008.
•Independent specialists did not get an option to voluntarily enforce 10pm closing at that time.

So lets be clear here. The RRAI have TOLD the Minister in its compliance report that it
that relevant aspects of an approved Code of compliance under the proposed legislation would apply to these off-licences.”

that due to this chaos Minister Shatter will be forced to implement section 9 which will ultimately prove expensive for the smaller players in the grocery trade, but that will suit the retail giants just dandy as there will be less competition for them.

Politics are local! So all members need to get busy talking to their government representatives on this matter.It`s your livelihood!

Evelyn Jones
Noffla Chairperson

See excerpt from the latest RRAI report written by Mr Padraic White "Independent" Chairperson.

7.3 Promotion and Merchandising of Alcohol Products
by Stand-Alone Off-Licences

As indicated in my First Compliance Report, the RRAI members regard the exclusion of stand-alone off-licences from compliance with an agreed Code as an increasingly apparent anomaly. They have pointed to the fact that, while the Code prohibits the display or merchandising of alcoholic products in the window of mixed trader’s premises, there is no such restriction on stand-alone off-licence stores.

The RRAI expects that relevant aspects of an approved Code of compliance under the proposed legislation would apply to these off-licences.

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